Where has it been?!

You may have been wondering . . . “Hey Mister – Buddy . . . what is up with all of the ants – and seeming lack of effort . . .” or something like that – and you will seriously have to excuse me for this typing – as my elocutioner is all but kaput for the moment . . .

Well – 18 (eighteen) days ago – I was in a meeting – and the goal was to design – make all of the content – and build a website by June 17th (Father’s Day) . . . and then it was bumped up to this morning at 6:00 a.m. It has all kinds of stuff that I have never played with (much) – like this and that and that and this . . .

In the past 3 (three) days – (I can’t remember before that) – I have ended up working 21 hours, 18 hours and 14 hours. I am the sleepiest bear in the world . . . and will blame the lack of enthusiastic hype in this post on that.

Anyway – if you get a nickle – go look at the latest in (my) site building.


Now – I go to work!