Check out Shirtsy (Yo) –

So – this is Shirtsy. He is – evidently – a shirt that has some legs (for mobility) and a really big face (proportional to his shirt body – that is).

He was made as a favor for a friend of mine’s website and at one point – he had little arms (I was of the opinion that his sleeves were ears) . . . but the decision was made to surgically remove his arms and then to enact a much more subversive procedure and turn what were hie ears (his sleeves) into . . . hold your breath here . . . his arms.

The operation was a complete success – and I think that the rehabilitation period is almost over. He had to learn to use his ears as arms . . .

He is a good times loving – fun times having kind of shirt – and while he isn’t actively looking to date – I would guess that he wouldn’t be at all against it if some fetching lass wanted to go out for a night on the town with him.

He is a shirt

His name is Shirtsy.

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