Pixel Mario CakeThis cake (or series of cakes) is from a wedding awhile ago – but I got to be part of the making of it – and the eating of it . . . and have been waiting awhile to see a photo-picture-image of it around.
Well – now here it is – for you to see (on – no less) . . . shame that you don’t get to eat it too. Unless you did – which just gets too confusing.

Here is CCATV’s (Coffee Can Alley TV’s) big expose on the new hot product from around the land . . . however – it is a smidge of a bit light for an expose – so perhaps – we should call it more of “some of that hard hitting reporting like only a cat and a heart guy can bring you!”

Hope it helps – the world – kind – of . . .

Here is a logo that I made for an (E)Xtreme Fighting League – thing . . . it is unlike anything else that I have ever done . . .

Oh – and it is hard to screenprint too – found that out a bit late . . .

mmmmmm – fighting!

So – Here is something that I have been working on – just a bit . . . and of course – by “working” – I mean that I thought of it – and made this nice little logo thing – aaaaaannnnnnndddddd . . . will probably move on to some other ridiculous thing in the next 2-3 days.

I am far too easily distracted. Maybe I should just stick to always/only putting ants up – and working on them . . . what’s that you say?!

Well – you – the general public have spoken – and I will simply continue to move on and on from ridiculous thing to ridiculous thing until I get too too anxious at how many ridiculous things there are – and I put them to work.

I should be about 80 (eighty) by then.

Hooray for the “Bumps – Bumps – Bumps on a log!”