Hoop – hoop – huzzah! The little (kind of nameless) cathartic terrors of my world have reached a tiny tiny sort of milestone sort of thing . . . and to celebrate – we have crafted out of all of the finest materials available to us a brand spanking spiffy nifty new home.

Uhm – yeah – there are only 30 (thirty) of the strips on the blog – but they are kind of hard to see all at once (some could argue impossibly hard) – so we recommend that you give this new format a whirl – and see how it feels.

I think that the drill is that they will still show up on the blog a couple of times a week – and then they will migrate over to their page at their own leisurely pace.

Hooray for Ants . . . hoooooray for new stuff!

Here is a label that I made awhile ago for a tasty tasty beer that “some friends of mine” made.

The reason that I am putting it up (the reason that it came to mind) is that I finally drank the bottle that was living in my fridge for the past while . . . and oh yes – it had some “watermellony goodness!”

I think that my cat (Peanut Lou) just tooted – which has really thrown me off . . . really really thrown me off . . .

Oh – and I am working on another one of these here labels – so I’ll put it up whenever it is all kinds of done – and done – and done.

Okay – okay – okay – now don’t get ahead of yourself . . . there aren’t (to the best of my knowledge) any actual baby bumpercars (or as I like to refer to them – “tiny bumpercars”) coming around the bend for quite some time.

But with that being said . . . this is something all together more exciting . . . small little clothes for small little people!

Everything is in the beginning stages at this point – but while I am busy getting all of my ducks in a row . . . I will make sure to keep posting updates here so that when you start your inevitable baby clothes business . . . maybe you won’t have to make all of the mistakes that I am liable to fall into (head over heels) . . .

Anyway – “Hooray for babies who need clothes and hooray for Baby Bumpercar for making the clothes that those babies need . . . to wear . . . uhm . . . to put on before they go out . . . to wherever babies go . . . and stuff!”

Evidently one of the first steps may be a catchier (if that’s possible) slogan?!

Check back for updates!

Here is a ladybug that I drew for a lady (who wasn’t a bug). Evidently I seem to enjoy putting “clown noses” on characters (look down there at that “Batty Bumpercar” – what a nose on that champ!). Not much else to say here except that I think that this particular bug is using that flower to shade itself from the hot hot sun . . . Now – if you don’t happen to have a flower to carry around above your antennae – please remember to use no less than spf 2000 or something like that . . .