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PupSnowflake the penguin

Comic Transcripts

Frame 1:

[[There is a close-up of Pup.]]

Pup: Okay guys! This has gotten silly… I’m going to go get help.

Frame 2:

[[There is a close-up of Toucan.]]

Toucan: Actually – I thin that we moved past ‘silly’ a long time ago… and are sitting squarely in annoying, dumb and some even less pleasant words-wille. So – yeah – why don’t you scoot along and wrangle us up some help.

Frame 3:

[[Toucan is standing on the fence next to Snowflake who is stuck and is also next to Pup who is on the other side.]]

Pup: Guys. *cough* Uhm – well – I think my flipper is stuck…

Toucan: Snowflake you may just have to gnaw his flipper off.

Snowflake: Well – Iam really really hungry…

Snowflake #75 transcribed by Comic Transcript Authorsnatty bumpercar, bumpercar in

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