Snowflake # 60


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Comic Transcripts

Frame 1:

[[There is only Toucan.]]

Toucan: Phew…

Frame 2:

[[Pup is standing next to Toucan.]]

Pup: Hey ‘lil man! Where is your cupcake bride to be?!

Toucan: Heh. She is –ah- occupied… heh-heh

Frame 3:

[[Cupcake is standing next to Toucan who is wearing shorts, an apple, a banana, sticks, a bag, and a rock.]]

Cupcake: And then I saw the other bird, the fat one – and did you know that he has never even seen cheese – I mean – I love cheese… Those shorts are so great! And where’d you get the “flour” shirt?!?

Toucan: …

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