Comic Transcripts

Frame 1:

[[Muffin is next to Cupcake in front of a fence.]]

Muffin: Ooh Cupcake – isn’t it just splendid?!

Frame 2:

[[Snowflake is standing in front of a fence.]]

Snowflake: Ouch beans! Where’d this picket fence come from?!

Frame 3:

[[Muffin is standing next to Cupcake in front of the fence while Snowflake is standing behind it.]]

Snowflake: Oh Hai!

Muffin: Quick Cupcake run!! It’s a birdy inter-loper!

Cupcake: Eeick!

Snowflake # 61 transcribed by Comic Transcript Authorsnatty bumpercar, bumpercar in
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