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Frame 1:

[[There is a close-up if Toucan on top of Muffin who is on top of Snowflake.]]

Muffin: I say we rush in… And scramble the bear’s eggs.

Frame 2:

[[There is a close-up of Cupcake.]]

Cupcake: Oh. Muffin. Only fools rush in with buttery raisin bread.

Frame 3:

[[Toucan is on top of Pischer Crumple who is on top of Snowflake who is holding Muffin who is next to Cupcake who is on the ground.]]

Toucan: Are we having breakfast… Or saving the Doughnut.

Cupcake: Possibly both?!

Snowflake #205 transcribed by Comic Transcript Authorsnatty bumpercar, bumpercar in

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