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Snowflake the penguin

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Frame 1:

[[Toucan is standing next to Snowflake.]]

Toucan: okay dude – after your little problem with the lollipop, I have decided that you are officially cut off.

Snowflake: I love lollipops!

Frame 2:

[[Toucan is standing next to Snowflake who is handing him the lollipop.]]

Toucan: No – no foolish bird, the gig is up – end of the road and all that – handy over the candy…

Snowflake: oookay!

Frame 3:


Frame 4:

[[Toucan with a lollipop stuck to his back.]]

Toucan: I am far far too angry to even begin to see the irony in this situation…

Snowflake: soo – I’m gonna skee-daddle!

Toucan: Go far – and go fast…

Snowflake # 21 transcribed by Comic Transcript Authorsnatty bumpercar, bumpercar in
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