Let's talk about "O.K." & "Miss Pickles"

Last night (at 8:30 (eight thirty)) – my neighbor knocked on my door and said “I found 2 (two) kittens in a bag down by the creek and my mom said that I can’t keep them in the house and I don’t know what to do with them . . .” Which was a lot to drop on a guy who was in the process of cooking a nice dinner of green beans and tofu cubes (marinated with a wonderful blend of ginger, soy sauce and sriachi) . . . but such is the way that the world works – and such is the way that I get tangled in things.

I got the number for some places and then went to check out these “creek kittens from a bag” – and found them covered in fleas hanging out in a plastic drawer with a large plate of tuna on a purple towel. I called a few places and got no answers (it was a bit late I suppose) – and so I then realized that they would end up sleeping at my house for the night. I quickly hopped into the car – since the pet store was closing at 9:00 (nine) – and off to buy some supplies I went – the guy ended up selling me some all-natural kitten shampoo and some sort of kitten formula – that all growing kittens need.

After their bath (by the way I highly recommend Natural Chemistry “De Flea Pet Shampoo”) they felt at least 100 (one hundred) times better (Miss Pickles told me so) – they even perked up enough later in the night to have a taste of formula – and then 1 (one) of them actually used the litter box that I had set out for them (how do they know how to do that?!).

Now they need nice homes with nice people. I called about 10 (ten) places today and the common response was that they already had too many kittens (I was annoyed to no end that places that are around to take care of/house/facilitate stray cats couldn’t give me any help with these girls – but then I counted to 10 (ten) and everything was awesome!). I will keep trying these avenues – but if anyone knows anyone that would like a cute little girl kitten – please let me know.

For right now I their temporary names are “O.K.” & “Miss Pickles” (just for the sake of not saying kitty-kitty all of the time). They are now flea-less – seem really healthy (especially after the formula/bath combo) – and are as ridiculously cute as kittens can be. They also came at a really inopportune time – since my house just went on the market . . . so time is of the essence . . .

Hooray for “O.K.” & “Miss Pickles” – the best kittens going!

  1. bumpercar
    bumpercar says:

    Howdy MK –

    I’m not sure if that was one of the places that I called – is Southern Hope the shelter that is linked off of your site? If so – I think that is one of the ones that I called and left a message at – do you have any better contact info?!