Who is that man?

Well pals – that man – or at least that voice is none other than my pal Bill Cramer – and he is knee deep in voice over work. A quick aside – normally I would have made up a silly name like ‘none other than Marsupial Taffy-Eater,’ or ‘Cannonball Lemonade Sally’ or whatever – but since his actual name is up top on his website – then everyone here at editing (yes – there is an editing department) decided that the road that we took was the best road to take.

Anyway – this is the niftiest thing – and if you ever need some serious SAG voice over work – then he is for you. Socks and I are going around the neighborhood today looking for dropped change and any cans/bottles that we can find so that we can hire good old ‘Cannonball’ to read us some choice words from our current favorite novel – not sure what the name is – but it involves a tiny brown bunny with a little white tail hanging out on the front yard of a big house.

Go to his website (www.billvo.com) and watch (or just listen to) his stuff!

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  1. bumpercar
    bumpercar says:

    getting that $100 will be like taking kibble from a puppy . . . a really big puppy.

    i should point out that puppies are easily distracted.

    even big ones.

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