I got a last minute ring on my telephone to come out and rock the mic at my new home away from home – Tierney’s in Montclair . . . Of course – I jumped at the chance to hop up and do some of the merry making.

My pal Pig came out for the show – and was even part of a sweepstakes!

I have to apologize – my normal camera was sleepy – so I ended up filming with my little magic phone – which seemed great at the time – except the colors are bananas weird . . . What are ya gonna do?!

Alright then – as always . . . Watch. Guffaw. Scratch your heads in confusion!

Here us what I drew after 4 1/2 minutes of babbling at Ochi’s Motel (below Comix) in NYC last night.

What a treat!

Here is a video of me with a microphone in Springfield, New Jersey – on June 17 – at a place called the Comedy Cove where you can see funny while you eat steak.

My pal Little bit came out for the show – which is always a treat.

Watch. Guffaw. Scratch your heads in confusion!

I like to go on stage and tell little jokes to people . . . but – now – people expect people to come to my shows . . . and I don’t know people – and people – and people – and people.

I may lose a kneecap . . . aaaaaiiiiiggggghhhh!

[Click the title to get to the episode!]

Here is a video of my first stage time with a microphone in the Greater North-East area . . . A place that goes by the name of Tierney’s – in the quaint hamlet of Montclair.

I’m a little rusty – but – hopefully – move quickly enough through my jokey words that you can barely even notice.

Thanks for watching . . .

I hope that you giggled.