Howdy gang –

This weekend – you get to choose from 2 tremendous opportunities to come and see me do Comedy … How great is that?!

They are both going to be fun shows – let me know if you can make it to either … and remember that when you go – and when they ask who you are there to see … say Natty Bumpercar … or else – they’ll get confused … totally – seriously – utterly – abominably – confused.

On Saturday, I’ll be at Lombardi’s Bar & Restaurant in Cedar Grove, NJ (599 Pompton Ave # C, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009) … The show starts at 8 (be a little early – and stuff). Admission is cash only … door is $10 – Also on the show is Rich Gonzales, Joe Dipicoli and Chipps Cooney (he was on America’s Got Talent!) …

On Sunday – I am hosting a show at Tierney’s Tavern in Montclair, NJ (138 Valley Rd., Montclair, New Jersey 07042) … The show starts at 8 – I’d get there a bit early so that you can get a good seat and a tasty drink or some terrifically fried bar food. They are cash only … door is $15 – Also on the show is Melissa Doran, Mike Warsaw, Patrick Bean, Samantha Derose, Pat Lamb, Rayla Bloom and Chris Gregory …

Hope to see you this weekend!

Here are two fun opportunities to come out and laugh at me . . . or with me – whichever you prefer.

Comedy Night at the Deli

Tonight from 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Avon Hometown Deli
410 Main St.
Avon NJ

Hosted by Mollie Sperduto
with Natty Bumpercar – Mario Lucena – Brett Druck – Cody Hess – Pete Keumpel


“5th Sunday” COMEDY MASH-UP

Upstairs Tierney’s Tavern
136 Valley Road
Montclair, NJ
—– Musical – Improv – Other Stuff! —–

Hosted by Brett Druck
with Natty Bumpercar – Allison Carr – Mike Fortino – Pam Schuller

The Second Place Champions Improv Troupe!

This is going to be a blast!

Seating 7:30pm; Show 8:00pm
Call 973-731-2967 for info and reservations

Hee-Hee . . .

I did some more jokey talking shenanigan flipper-dee-flap-jacks on the stage at Tierney’s in Montclair. I’ve done other rooms – I swear – but this is the easiest one to tape at. At one room – I accidentally taped a french fry during my set – and it didn’t laugh even once.

In this set – the topic is “Bugs and things that bug me.”

Oh yeah.

Here is my newest headshot that I am sending around. I feel like it more properly shows off the beard – and my star catching skills – so – that is good – right?!

I got a last minute ring on my telephone to come out and rock the mic at my new home away from home – Tierney’s in Montclair . . . Of course – I jumped at the chance to hop up and do some of the merry making.

My pal Pig came out for the show – and was even part of a sweepstakes!

I have to apologize – my normal camera was sleepy – so I ended up filming with my little magic phone – which seemed great at the time – except the colors are bananas weird . . . What are ya gonna do?!

Alright then – as always . . . Watch. Guffaw. Scratch your heads in confusion!