I’ve been working so hard on junk and junk – that my eyes actually gave up and went on the fritz.

So – now – I get to talk.

How about that?!

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I finally figured out a place up here in the great white north where I can get on a stage, be handed a microphone and tell some joke type things. How tremendous is that?!? I have attached the flyer. Anyone interested in showing up should get in touch with me first. I plan on taking and making a video – so – maybe you’ll get to see it if you can’t come . . . Maybe.

I say again . . . HOORAY!

Eventually in the conversation, it always comes back to soup. So, today is Soup Day!

We also talk about our new neighbors – Mister and Misses Duck!

Ducks and Soup – – Yeah!

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We are back on the scene . . . going through our inbox.

That’s right – it’s “Mail Time” here on the Bumperpodcast!

Hopes and dreams.

Hopes and dreams.

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