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I have to mention that I love this – and that yesterday was a whollop (the good kind) to any expectations that I had for this little gizmo.

I am not sure why I so excited about it – but I think that the build up through dorky rumor sites for the last several years as to this mysterious “iPhone” – was getting to the point of driving me batty. Almost like hearing Santa Claus building you a nifty bike downstairs by the tree every night before Christmas – only to come downstairs to find out that he had actually been building a really great pair of socks or basket of pears or something. Well (to finish the analogy) yesterday the bike was there – and it was filled with magic – from the future!

I think that my pal over at Clunkyrobot.com sums it all up much better than I do . . . so go check it out!

While you do that – I will be saving my pennies . . .

There isn’t much that I love in the world more than catching things as they tumble through space towards an often unforgiving ground. So imagine my surprise when my pal MK wrote a little note about the same thing the other day.

“You know when you drop something, or knock something off the counter? My attempt to catch it before it hits the ground is so much more than just an attempt– I take it very seriously, and derive MUCH joy from a mission accomplished. Even more fulfilling if you catch the item just before it goes in the trash or even better, the toilet. I just did this with a lotion cap. Score! ….aaaahgh.”

You should probably go and read the rest . . .

Quick like a bunny now . . .

Hop – hop – hop!