Hooray for bits of magic and the future (in my pocket)!

I have to mention that I love this – and that yesterday was a whollop (the good kind) to any expectations that I had for this little gizmo.

I am not sure why I so excited about it – but I think that the build up through dorky rumor sites for the last several years as to this mysterious “iPhone” – was getting to the point of driving me batty. Almost like hearing Santa Claus building you a nifty bike downstairs by the tree every night before Christmas – only to come downstairs to find out that he had actually been building a really great pair of socks or basket of pears or something. Well (to finish the analogy) yesterday the bike was there – and it was filled with magic – from the future!

I think that my pal over at Clunkyrobot.com sums it all up much better than I do . . . so go check it out!

While you do that – I will be saving my pennies . . .