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First off, Socks makes a serious mess – and is in line to lose his job. Then we talk about Periscope and hitting the 100th episode and piles of hearts and Pig earning his keep.

There is so much to cover!

Too much stuff? Let us know by sending an email to bumperpodcast@nattybumpercar.com.

Drinks are too expensive – but – who cares? Because we are on vacation . . . and by “we” I mostly mean ‘me’ – as everyone else around headquarters seems to be on a constant state of vacation – anyway.

Listen and learn and love it!

I got a last minute ring on my telephone to come out and rock the mic at my new home away from home – Tierney’s in Montclair . . . Of course – I jumped at the chance to hop up and do some of the merry making.

My pal Pig came out for the show – and was even part of a sweepstakes!

I have to apologize – my normal camera was sleepy – so I ended up filming with my little magic phone – which seemed great at the time – except the colors are bananas weird . . . What are ya gonna do?!

Alright then – as always . . . Watch. Guffaw. Scratch your heads in confusion!

While on a walk, Irving Brown Socks and I do a little hunting . . . A little searching . . . a little finding.

That’s right. It’s You lose I find, and it’s all up in your ears!


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