Bumpercar kindly asks the Universe to “Step off, Back away and Move on.” – mostly because he is tired of being mushed under the Universes icky thumb.

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We love to help!!!

Natty Bumpercar is stranded by the railroad tracks with his computer – just waiting for the choo-choo to come rolling around the bend.

Then we talk about cheese and flowers and other pertinent stuff … Yes, we do!Do you ever talk about pertinent stuff? Let us know by sending an email to – and then we can all be relevant!

I want to be popular!!

Ooh! It’s one of those whispering shows where secrets are being told … You should definitely listen in to find out which secrets are being discussed.

But – someone – or something – try to shut us down because of what we are talking about ….

Then – Bumpercar gets agitated and starts going on about trashcans running all around the neighborhood …

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I love ice cream!!