Bumperpodcast 132 – Mobile Choo-Choo

Natty Bumpercar is stranded by the railroad tracks with his computer – just waiting for the choo-choo to come rolling around the bend.

Then we talk about cheese and flowers and other pertinent stuff … Yes, we do!Do you ever talk about pertinent stuff? Let us know by sending an email to bumperpodcast@nattybumpercar.com – and then we can all be relevant!

I want to be popular!!

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  1. Lauren and Juliet
    Lauren and Juliet says:

    Dear Nat,
    I am doing something called The Smilies. And how I’m going to do that is I’m going to draw some characters on a piece of paper and then I’m going to cut them out and put strings on them.  And then my Dad is going to film it and put it on the internet for children to enjoy the show.- Lauren

    I like princesses.  Do you like princesses?  Or princes?  I like gymnastics.  And if you want to have something to eat… never mind.  What do you call a banana when it talks to cheese?  Stinky.
    – Juliet

    • nattybumpercar
      nattybumpercar says:

      Wow! Two different messages on one little Bumperpodcast?!

      Very exciting!

      Lauren: That is a tremendous idea. Let me know if there is any way that I can help you.

      Juliet: Princes and princesses are pretty cool – but – I’m more into knights and dragons. That is awesome that you like gymnastics … I think that they are fun as well. I just ate lunch – thanks – though. Nice joke! Very funny!!

      Thanks for the comments … Send more!

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