Blue skies and big trucks!
We bolt out of headquarters to go and experience nature . . . it’s just so darn natural!
Enjoy listening to me huff and sniffle as I walk – enjoy Socks rolling on the ground and birds tweeting in the trees.
It’s the best that we can do.
It’s the best that we can possibly do.
Enjoy it!

Drinks are too expensive – but – who cares? Because we are on vacation . . . and by “we” I mostly mean ‘me’ – as everyone else around headquarters seems to be on a constant state of vacation – anyway.

Listen and learn and love it!

I split my toe – I stubbed my toe – I mangled and bashed and beat up my toe. Socks just stood by and watched . . . I had to hobble around a bit – and the worst part was the cleaning of the wound.

Booooooo cleaning – in all of it’s sundry forms.