Doodle Poodle is in the house because he received a membo telling him to come in and do a radio show … too bad that Robot comes in and spoils all of the fun.

Will Doodle Poodle be sent to a farm for panting on the microphone?

You will probably have to listen to the Bumperpodcast to find out!

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Holy mountains of beans! Can you even believe what Pig has found inside of Headquarters?! It’s a box … I wonder what could possibly be inside?

Maybe you should watch the shenanigans to find out for yourself …

Oh – and maybe Yetkin the moose (might) stop by (maybe) to lend a hoof or two … who knows?

Robot sneekily starts off the show by grabbing the mic while Natty Bumpercar is otherwise involved. Watch the sparks fly when Natty finds out!

Headquarters is getting packed and everyone is a little inundated.

Just take a deep breath and count to at least 2 or 3 …