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Turkey is in the building! Turkey is in Headquarters. Will he receive a pardon?!? I guess that will be up to Robot to decide. Hang onto your hats kids!!

These are some of the things that I babble about today – on the Bumperpodcast!

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Headquarters has been broken into . . . people are missing. It is absolute bedlum . . .

What is this world coming to!?

Stay tuned to find out – as Robot lends a hand in the investigation.

Also – Hooray! It’s our 50th Bumperpodcast . . . Yep – Yep – Hooray!!

(pat on the back. pat on the back. pat on the back.)

Robot is back to take the helm – because the house is in revolt! Evidently, Natty Bumpercar is way too busy to draw stuff and make stuff and phot stuff and talk stuff and joke stuff and stuff stuff – – – so – – – the rest of the house has decided to pick up a bit of the slack for him.

Because if they don’t . . . then the stink bugs win – and that can never happen!

Wait until the Bumpercar gets a load of this!

Alright everyone. After a very long moving process (that is still going on behind the scenes here at the new headquarters – which we are still debating a proper name for) . . . we are back at the grill to serve up some sweet sweet stuff to fill all of your needs.

I thought that some things would be farther along than they already are – but throw in rabbits of Easter, a rousing game of far away poker and a dollop of college basketball – and watch as goals slip – slip – slip into the fog.

Welcome back – to me.

Welcome back – to you.

With a few tweaks – an oil can – and some serious elbow grease – this show will be practically back on the road and fully functional before you can even say “boo.”

You said that really fast.

Try again . . . now.