New Headquarters!

Alright everyone. After a very long moving process (that is still going on behind the scenes here at the new headquarters – which we are still debating a proper name for) . . . we are back at the grill to serve up some sweet sweet stuff to fill all of your needs.

I thought that some things would be farther along than they already are – but throw in rabbits of Easter, a rousing game of far away poker and a dollop of college basketball – and watch as goals slip – slip – slip into the fog.

Welcome back – to me.

Welcome back – to you.

With a few tweaks – an oil can – and some serious elbow grease – this show will be practically back on the road and fully functional before you can even say “boo.”

You said that really fast.

Try again . . . now.

2 replies
  1. will
    will says:

    Wow, that place is huge! And Montclair… I know that name… I think football players and sports writers live there too. Not that you care. Carry on. Go clean under the house in your space suit.

  2. bumpercar
    bumpercar says:

    Yes – Yes – the football player that you may be talking about (who plays for the New York Football Giants) went to the high school that is right across the road.

    I'm not throwing down – or anything here – but Montclair might be the best place . . . although – I have only been here for eleven days at this point . . . but who is counting anyway?!

    Oh – and no going under the house – the landlords live there . . . under the house is where the landlords live.

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