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Back from vactation full of both vim and vigor and energy and spunk! Natty has one of those tangental days that seem to happen from time to time …

Where will we go? What will we talk about? You’ll find out on todays episode of the Bumperpodcast.

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There are a lot of greetings and hellos for everyone to share – on this episode of the Bumperpodcast!

There is also a little confusion over if I am “in the street” – or – “on the street” – and then I attempt to woo!

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Also – in fun news – we are now on Stitcher.com! So, how much fun is that?!


I am waiting – right now at this very second (which was only really true at that second) – to get spiffied up.

Currently – I’m a bit rough around the edges . . . People shying away from me and stuff . . . And it isn’t even my bad attitude – or smell – or nothing.

Keep your fingers crossed – I hope they don’t blow this . . .

Here is what I look like – before the action.