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PupSnowflake the penguin

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Frame 1:

[[Pup is standing next to snowflake in front of the fence.]]

Pup: Hey Snowflake – here is the gate I was telling you about!

Frame 2:

[[Pup is on the other side of the fence with the gate open and Snowflake still on the starting side.]]

Pup: All you have to do is hop on through… and –

Frame 3:

[[There is a close-up of Pup shielding his eyes.]]

Pup: Cripes McCrouton! We have got a real serious problem here…

Snowflake #71 transcribed by Comic Transcript Authorsnatty bumpercar, bumpercar in

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  1. owlet
    owlet says:

    I think the real problem is that they are not in the proper habitat. That
    seal pup hasn’t seen water in ages. And, that penguin must be awfully
    uncomfortable on grass. Cripes McCrouton indeed!

  2. n.bumpercar
    n.bumpercar says:

    It is possible that your comment has found the core underlying problem behind this entire comic strip . . . I mean – the cupcake and the muffin haven’t been inside of a pastry cabinet for a long time either – and look at how ridiculous they are . . .


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