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Frame 1:

[[Toucan is standing next to Pup who is standing next to Snowflake.]]

Snowflake: To the couch.

Pup: To the couch.

Toucan: To the co-o-ouch!

Frame 2:

[[Pischer Crumple is asleep on the couch.]]


Frame 3:

[[Toucan is standing on the top of the couch. Pischer Crumple is standing on the couch. Snowflake and Pup are standing in front of the couch.]]

Toucan: Time for a nap!

Pup: Yep!

Pischer Crumple: Speckle?!

Snowflake: Howdy P.C.!

Snowflake #134 transcribed by Comic Transcript Authorsnatty bumpercar, bumpercar in

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