Oooooh! A burger is near!

So – news just came to me from a little bird that “5 Guys Burgers and Fries” is about to open in the fair land of Manhattan.

Here is where the news came from.

I am about to pop I am so excited . . . seriously.
Did you read my review? Here it is.

Oh boy – oh boy – oh boy!

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  1. world b. foges
    world b. foges says:

    hey smart guy, went to 5 guys in jerzee the other day. pretty good stuff. but not as good as mayo on the corn cob.

  2. mary k
    mary k says:

    that place makes ME wanna eat a burger.

    i just saw on food network the other day the shake shack! and i was alll, that's olde news, yes olde. that's how olde it is. it's olde with an e! cuz i heard it first on the nattybumperblog!
    also, JUST got the stickers!! thanks! gonna put one on my car, i think. not sure where else. open to suggestions. and gonna give the rest out soon! thanks again!

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