New Snowflake

After a one week absence – in which a cartoon about some pants really stole the spotlight – there is a new comic on the main page – so go and check it out!

Or – if you missed the quirky adventures from two weeks ago then go to the archive to catch up!

This weekend – I remade 29 of the old strips to get them all nice and pretty for the archive – and have about 20 more to go before I can put them all up.

Why did I have to remake them? Because for some reason – they were in all kinds of different formats – and it seemed easier to get them all in line before unleashing them back into the wild.

Why not just put the 29 up that I did this weekend so as to give myself a sense of accomplishment – while also giving you guys a bit of background as to what in the world is going on in the strip? Well – that is because – I am not the best at filing things – and they are kind of all out of order – and I am still looking for a few that I know are around – and I want to get them all in order.

So – there you have it. I am totally to blame for the archives not being up – but am working diligently on getting them up.

Of course – once they are all done – I need to figure out a nice way to present them – and have had no luck with that so far . . . ugh . . .

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  1. bobo
    bobo says:

    Hey, there's an orange cat that walks along the fence in my back yard. Is it the same one? My wife wants me to throw rocks at it to scare it off.

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