A New Trick

My little compatriot Irving Brown Socks will sometimes pull the odd maneuver of going into his food dish (which is places lovingly at the entrance of his “Canine Camper“) and pretend that he is about to eat.

Satisfied that I have done my duty of keeping him fed – I then leave the room.

His nifty trick is that sometimes he will then amble into whichever room that I am in with a mouth full of kibble. He will then deposit said kibble right onto the rug in a nice pile and sit and stare at it. I’m not sure if it is a “Did you want some of this?” kind of stare or maybe a “I really just don’t feel like eating alone right now.” type of stare – or depressingly – and more likely a “Seriously – this is what I get to eat – every day for the rest of my life – while you sit at that table and shove any kind of food that happens to tickle your fancy into your pie hole? Well – consider this a hunger strike my friend . . . you are on notice.” type of look.

It really is tough to say . . . maybe it is some type of food performance art for some crazy world cause that he saw on television . . . or maybe – just maybe – it is nothing complicated at all – and my dog just enjoys making little piles of food on the floor.

Piles of food on the floor.

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