Gadget Fever

Seriously. I can barely stand it anymore . . . I have contracted such a severe case of gadget fever that I have hardly made any plans for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Sock’s fourth birthday (or his fifth – there is still some debate about that around the treehouse).

Almost all that I have been able to do in the world – aside from working until I had to ice-pack my poor nubbin of an arm the other night – is reading about a gadget – and clicking links about a gadget – and researching whatever I need to research about this hunk of magical technology. I am getting fed up with myself – and need to get back to straight shooting.

It has been way too long since I even got to type anything – here – on the blog. All I get to do is make comics – and put up photos. It is a sad state of affairs. I kind of miss it.

What’s that? You are curious as to what gadget that I am talking about? Well – it probably has nothing (much) to do with sweet tea, vaccuuming and better gas milage for the old Jetta . . . but I don’t want to give out too many hints – because I dont want you to fall into the web of obbsession that I am currently embroiled in.

Please steer clear of the embroiling – if you can.