Friday Photo [#11] (for reals)

This is a photo of a post box that I (and a somebody else) made in college as a present. It is ridiculous – but at the time seemed to make the most sense in the world. I am pretty sure that it was never used – by the packaging still being inside – and the fact that it ended up back in my hands.

I am not very good at throwing things away – but lately I have tried to get better at it – from what I hear it feels kind of good to lighten up the load a bit. It pretty much makes my stomach do flips thinking about throwing stuff away.

The tie-in here (the “funny”) is that I think it is hilarious that my stomach would even think of doing any sort of gymnastics over a my wanting to get rid of this flamingo post box . . . it really is pretty silly. As I go to throw something away, the brain process goes something like this “Here we go! Throwing stuff away.” – pause for clammy hands and pit in the gut to form – “Mmmmmmm – maybe I should just hold onto this for a tiny time longer . . . who knows when I’ll need this particular thing-a-whats-a-ma-doozle-a-dazzle?!” – and then I put it back away until the battle is fought again (internally that is).

Oh – by the way – did you happen to notice that (Irving Brown) Socks looks like he in posing for either an Abercrombie or a Drakkar Noir ad??

Good dog!

Good Flamingo post box!

  1. mary k
    mary k says:

    I get the same thing. I guess some people are just hoarders. And some of us are just whores.

    To ADD to the difficult decision, there’s the whole “I’m filling up a landfill by just throwing this away.”

    One resource you could look into (though if you’re not going to be here, that won’t do too much good–but if you’re here for a little while it might) is

    you join the atlanta group closest to where you live, or just the intown one, or whatever. You post something like OFFER: Homemade folk art flamingo mailbox, brand new

    And people will contact you saying I want this! And you give it to them. No selling, but you’re not throwing it away. ??????