Energy Drink Review – Bonanza!


Awhile ago – (and I mean a serious while – like two years or so – ago) – some pals loaded up my fridge with energy drinks – about fourteen of them – that they had procured at the local Big Lots.

Well – I have been lugging these things around for that entire time – just waiting for the opportunity to test them – try them – review them . . . and I think that now is finally that time.

The first review – for “Power Trip” – will be up tomorrow – and then subsequent reviews will pop up as my body allows . . . bear in mind that these drinks are years old – have gone from cold to hot several times – were bought at a liquidation emporium – and mostly mostly mostly keep in your noggin that they were all probably pretty crummy energy drinks from the get go – and cut me some time slack . . . I’m nervous that I won’t make it through this particular bonanza.

Anyway – get your popcorn – and get to your seats . . . you are about to be energized!