Howdy Tuesday world!

How was your weekend? Mine was ducky – but – more on that later!

This has been on the “Pals made some stuff” pile for a week and a half – and – so – now I am sending it out into the world. It is absolutely – positively for older eyes to check out – so – don’t let your babies go and peruse – Also if you feel like you might be in a mood where racy things might get you into a knot – then also – you shouldn’t go – either. Thank you.

I’m using their words that they sent out.

My pals Ed Greene and Jeff Sims have been working on a new comic book series for a bit now… and here’s a link to the blog where you can download the first issue!

Link (just paste it into your browser if you want to see):

It is slightly naughty and strange and we hope you like it! And don’t be afraid to become ‘followers’ on the blog. Then you won’t ever miss Peony’s wacky adventures (and we can pretend that we have an audience…)

go comics! cheaper than movies!

Basically – It is a story about loves lost, random happenstance and unforseen endings that has really great illustrations. I was thrilled when I got the link, thrilled to go to the site and to check out my friends work . . . I really like it when people that I know (and like a bunch) get to make stuff.

Making stuff is a treat.

Friends are a treat.


Howdy everyone!

I am in the process of making a links page for all of my buddies that roam around the internet. Go and check it out. Then go and check out the links. I guarantee that you’ll find websites!

Now. Are you a pal with a website that I forgot to mention? Well, it should be known that I have a quarter of a brain. So – yell at me (nicely) and let me know – and I’ll add you to the growing list.


Prophet Buddy Main Page

I’ve been meaning to tell you folks about these nifty web toon shorts that a new pal of mine made. His name happens to be Pringle – and he was nice enough (through pal Leo) to allow me to burrow into his enormously engulfing couch at night when I was in the far far west of the country.

Remember when I was out west and there was an earthquake? Well – that is how long I have been meaning to put this up. I can be awful slow sometimes . . .

The series is called “Prophet Buddy” – they are swell – and there are a bunch to watch – so get ye going . . . and watch!

Scott Teplin\'s \

My pal Scott Teplin is showing is work at:

74 EAST 79th STREET NEW YORK, NY 10075
PHONE: 212-861-7338 FAX: 212-288-1261
HOURS: TUES – SAT11-5:30

Here are a couple of words from the press release:

The exhibition features meticulously rendered pen and ink and watercolor drawings of fantastical rooms in which odd scale shifts, implausible situations, and strange juxtapositions of furnishings are the norm, as well as a series of artist’s drawn book

The opening is tonight – Thursday, May 1 from 6-8 p.m. – so you should just have enough time to hop onto a plane, get into town and get yourself settled before getting all gussied up to go to the big show!