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This thing that I did . . .

For three seriously strenuous days this week I got to put on the hat of “Art Handler” for the Madison Morgan Cultural Center, located in the bucolic town of Madison, Georgia. According to the Morgan County Citizen the show [“Neat Pieces”] was “An exhibit of “plain style” furniture made and used by Georgians in the […]

A Place that I went . . .

Last Monday and Tuesday I had the terror and pleasure of being the guest artist of the week for two days at a little school by the name of Smith-Barnes Elementary to talk about drawing, painting and a wee bit of animation. Terror, of course, stemming from doing something that I had never done before […]

Who is this "Doodle Poodle?!"

Oh – My – Gosh . . . You don’t know who “Doodle Poodle” is? Well – he is the svelt puppy with a ridiculous haircut that you see right up there (“up there” being a relative term to describe the only image of a poodle – or of any dog that can currently be […]

Not to toot my own horn . . .

Hi everybody! So just to get this out of the way and to make it so that there are a couple of more posts on this here thing than none . . . Here is a quick picture of my little store. It is fairly new – about a month or so – but it […]

This is the first "official" post post post

Okay . . . So this is where I say howdy to an all new and improved way for me to waste my time – and by that I probably mean that it is a quick and easy place for you to come and see whatever it is that I am up to. Mostly – […]