What Does The Robot Think?

Oh boy – oh boy – everybody . . . check this out . . . my pal Clunky Robot (the guy there with the beard) and his pal (pal of my pal) Lil’ Tamo (the silver one with the springy arms) got written about in the weekly Atlanta paper know around those parts as Creative Loafing. It was an interview – with questions – that have answers – and my only complaint is that there weren’t enough (any) questions directed to Lil’ Tamo . . . but I am a sucker for that kind of stuff – and thereby hold my opinion as skewed.

I have linked to his site a few times for a few things – but still – I think it is worth it to link – link – link again – so here it is to check out (www.clunkyrobot.com).

Here is a link to the article – you go click?! (Creative Loafing Article)

Nice job – robots . . .