What do you know about "Gubstuff" ?!?

Well . . . I would wager a bet that you probably don’t know anywhere near enough about Gubstuff . . . so here is a quick quick tip-off to get you more into the “I know plenty about Gubstuff” mode.

Gubstuff is great stuff that is made by my great pal Angela. She makes bags and pillows and purses and art and stuff – and to the best of my knowledge – all of it is great. She just got a new website – so you should 100% be clicking your way over there to see what is up in the world so that the next time somebody stops you on the street and asks what you know about Gubstuff . . . you can quickly answer back something to the effect of “Plenty more than you buster . . . now why don’t you make like a tree and leaf . . . you’re blocking my sun . . . so scoot already!” – or something like that . . . go go look look.

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  1. bumpercar
    bumpercar says:

    I think that they cost somewhere around ten-teen hundreds of dollars . . . ten-teen?!? Uhm . . . I don't even know a little bit – click on that email on her site – and drop that girl a line – and when I say "drop it" – yes I do mean something like it's hot . . .

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