[Updated] Baby Breathing


Howdy all.

This is a quick follow-up to the mountain of stress that was last night. It will hopefully put your minds at ease – and make you feel a touch better about where things were left off in my last little report.

dotorAs I think I put at the end of my last note – the baby is back to being a baby who loves to breathe. I sat up with him until this morning – and then there was a shift change – and the next crew came in to make sure that the situation was going smoothly.We then all went to the doctor’s office – where we were met with randomly oscillating waves of “the baby is fine” and “you should have taken him to the emergency room immediately.” That was perfect  – just what our brains needed – confusion, guilt and more stress!

horseLastly – we went to a children’s hospital (which I tried to amuse myself by calling a ‘horse-pi-tal’ – cough – yep!) – and saw a gastroenterologist who was tremendously nice – and answered all of our questions (with none of the guilt!) and checked J-em from head to toe. She determined that he was a “thriving baby” – which is a great way to describe a baby – and that  as healthy as he was – that it was just a random freak occurrence  that possibly some mucus had gotten stuck in his throat – and that while we should – obviously – keep an eye on him . . . Basically – he didn’t break – he was no worse for the wear – we had done good by him – and the world was a decent place to be.

It was a good way to wrap up the day. The long – long day. At the end . . . the baby was fine – we were exhausted – and now all we have to do is figure out how to get some sleep – with all of the miserable of last night floating around. All in all – a definite win for the home team!

winI got asked why I wrote about the whole thing . . . Why would I put it out there . . . What was the point? Pretty simple – actually – I didn’t want to have it all jumbling up in my head – and it makes me feel better to write stuff down – or draw silly pictures – or make cartoons – or – or – or whatever. So – that is what I did – and I’m totally totally glad that I did. Did. Did. Did.

Thanks a bunch for all of your well wishes . . .

Everybody – remember to keep breathing.



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  1. Skyline Prints
    Skyline Prints says:

    I am so thankful that everyone is doing good. I can only imagine what was going through your head at the time.

    as for writing, I think it was an awesome outlet to put everything into order. I learned this lesson when my wife had her brain aneurysm. I had all this stuff running through my head and the best way I found to deal with it was to write it down on a blog you helped me setup. It kept my thoughts straight and let people know what was going on. I'd vote for keep writing

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