Totally at the beach next week.

So updates may be a bit spotty until – oh – around September 4th or so . . .

See ya when I see ya . . . which means – you have to come back . . .


Come back.


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  1. Reggie Miller (poodle)
    Reggie Miller (poodle) says:

    Dear Mr. Bumpercar,

    Although I appreciated the fine care with which you clothed Ms. Doodle Poodle, I must tell you that I do not much care for her voice. As a poodle, I am in the know when it comes to poodle vocalics, and I’m afraid to say that hers are woefully inaccurate.

    Most sincerely,
    Reggie Miller (poodle)

  2. Reggie Miller (poodle)
    Reggie Miller (poodle) says:


    I am currently feasting on Tim’s potato chips. I hear that you enjoy them. Too bad you’re not here.

    RM (poodle)

  3. bumpercar
    bumpercar says:

    Ah – yes – Mister Reggie Miller (poodle) . . . while it is 100% wonderful to hear from you (I had no idea that you were even allowed to use the computer) – I must say that you have certainly stumbled upon a very sticky subject.

    It is actually Mr. Doodle Poodle – and his vocal antics to which your ire has been drawn – not Ms. – and while this is a common misconception . . . it hurts no less.

    And as to clothing . . . well all that I can say is that Doodle Poodle is as naked as a jay bird – naked – naked – naked.

    So – with that being said – we too are sad that we can't be there to tackle a couple of bags of chips with you . . . we are actually drooling at the thought.

    Toodle – Poodle.

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