Tongue on Tooth


So – in preparation for my awesome gold hat that is currently being built for my tooth – there is a temporary little tooth curmudgeon that has taken up roost – and I can’t stand it even a little bit.

It is a rough and misshapen lump of miserable that just sits in the back of my mouth and screams for my tongue to run back there and fiddle with it all of the live long day. I mean – and not to spread out my dirty laundry for every one to see here – but my tongue has become totally and unnaturally obsessed with this intruder – and I for one – can not wait for it to skedaddle.

The lump – not my tongue.

I was even told – by the dentist – no less – that I am not allowed to brush the temporary – which I suppose means cutting out my almost military style flossing regimen as well . . . but then what happens to all of those teeth that were unlucky enough to be the neighbors of that ill little development – what are they supposed to do?

Hopefully all of this “torture” is going to be worth it for all of the fun and excitement that the new and improved goldness will be bringing. Or – maybe – it is just a sign of the times that lie ahead – none too well hidden in the grass – constantly ready willing and able to pull my poor dumb tongue away from it’s one true destiny.

Whatever creepy weird – and potentially gross fate that may be . . .