Today Is For The Horses

Here is an odd – out-of-time post that must have gotten eaten up at some point . . . I figure – why not put it out there as a bit of catharsis – maybe it’ll make the world a better place?! And at least – if for nothing else – you get that – uhm – picture of a horse up there . . . so there is that . . .

Yeah – yeah – point and laugh if you want . . . but I have a bit of a confession to make. Yesterday (January 29, 2007) – when I found out that Barbaro had been euthanized – I got all kinds of sad and lumpy.I never knew this about myself (until a few years ago) – but evidently I enjoy watching the ponies run around and around . . . especially when all of the whatnot of the “Triple Crown” is thrown in. But where there used to just be stars-in-the-eyes excitement at the sound of the gates being thrown open – now that I have seen a horse pull up lame during a race – I can’t help but get an ugly squeamish oozy feeling in my gut that mixes uncomfortably with all of the pent up thrill that comes with each race.

I got hooked on the (at that point) undefeated Barbaro after he won the Kentucky Derby in a super-strong fashion (he won by 20 lenghts!) – he was my iphone of horses – I really bought into the hype. And then a couple of weeks later at the Preakness, after a false start (where he went through the gates before the race started) – everything went downhill.

The news coverage of his operations and recovery was crazily excessive – although I did learn that laminitis is something that happens in a horses hoof if they aren’t putting even weight on all of their legs – or something like that . . . okay – I actually learned that there is a word “laminitis” and that it has something to do with hooves. I’m pretty sure that HBO even made a movie about him. I’m pretty sure that the world went Barbaro ridiculous for awhile – the world does seem to go ridiculous for things every so often . . . thanks media! (What?!)

From my standpoint – all that I knew was that there was a horse that I watched for one race – who I liked a bunch – who got hurt – and it affected me – and I think that is odd.

Hmmmmm . . . well that is where it stopped – so I suppose that this is where I will also stop and look around. I will breath in some fresh and clean air and leave you with something ponderous . . .

Maybe you should stop reading right now – because I feel like a terrible joke is about to happen . . . a joke that is so miserable that I hope that once I get it out of my head – that I don’t even have to think about it any more . . . my first chance to use invisible text.

I guess that god needed a horse.

I understand if you never come back after that . . . but boy am I glad that is out of my head.

And – by the by – even though I would understand – I would still be sad if you didn’t come back – for the record . . .

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  1. mary k
    mary k says:

    i think i auditioned to be a reporter in that film. i heard from people who read all the way through it, that it was a tear jerker.

    i have never liked races of any sort involving animals.

    They're always about people, and they're always about money. People and their money. And animals never come out winners in that scenario.
    You being such an animal lover, i totally understand your squeamishness.

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