Tivo – no more

Today – finally – after seven months of not even having my Tivo, I figured out that I was still paying for the service. Quick and decisive action was required . . . the madness had to stop. A call was placed to the great Tivo gods in the sky and criminy . . . but were they arm twisters.

“Are you sure you don’t want to keep your service?”
“Is there another room where you would like to use your Tivo?”
“Why don’t you get rid of that crummy other service and keep the Tivo that loves you?”

Twice I was transferred – and with everyone I talked to – the pushy desperation continued – it was almost too much. I seriously almost flipped my lid. All that I wanted to do was cancel my service and all they wanted was my dough.

The worst part of the whole thing is that it is totally sad – because I very much love my old Tivo – and miss it’s noises and the way that it asks me if maybe I would like to watch this or that . . . the new Fios DVR does the basic job – but is kind of like eating vegan brownies . . . way not as good.

One day – I will go back to the good brownies – and that day will be a good day.