Tip of the morning to ye!

So – for someone that doesn’t drink any coffee – anytime – I seem to drink a heck of a lot of Starbucks. But what in the world could I possibly drink at that highly-priced – sort-of-expensive – oh-so-yummy – slightly-addictive – place-that-the-world-goes-to – kind of place?

The Chai Latte – in the size of medium (or whatever they would like for you to call it).

Now – here is the tip.

Every so often I’ll get one of them tasty latte beverages. Then when I get around to sipping from it – I find – not the grand experience that I have come to crave – but instead a sad watery version of my drink of all drinks [EDITORS NOTE: Currently my drinks of all drinks that I love are Coke, Mountain Dew, Sweet Tea, Vitamin Water and Chai Latte – in no particular order]. The problem is that since they come so ridiculously hot – I usually don’t find out for quite awhile. But when the timing works out (when I still in close enough proximity to the Starbucks) – I get to go back to the store and get a different version – drink 2.0 – or the like.

I have probably returned about 3 (three) of these drinks over the last 6 (six) months or so – and never really known why they sometimes had water in them – was it the barista’s preference to save the company some milk or were they just aiming to make me miserable?! Then – last weekend – I got a drink – walked around for awhile – got in the car to leave – tasted it – and was depressed to find a watery watery mess. Out of the car I got – and back to the store I marched. After getting the latte making ladies attention – who happened to be super-busy and kind of snippy – the main truth in the world came out.

Evidently the recipe calls for water (stupid recipe) – and so all you have to do in the world is say “No water – please.” and everything should work out fine. Now if I could just figure out how to get them to make it less scorching hot . . . my (perfect) teeth are so sensitive.