Tiny Wheel


Hey – what are you looking at anyway?!

Can’t a guy sit in the relaxing-type room of his headquarters holding a teeny little white steering wheel and make a green shelled turtle (a koopa troopa – if you please) zip to and fro effortlessly around a track – racking up first place after first place after first place on really nicely designed tracks? 32 of them in all!

Well – of course he can – if that he is me – or even really if that he is you – and probably definitely also if that he that is a you is also a she – and stuff.

What am I yammering about – true readers?

Well – I haven’t really played it anywhere as much as my obsessive mind would have liked for me to have played it . . . but what I am talking about is the game that has literally caused me to blow the dust from my Nintendo Wii and get the video game bonanza rolling again – the game that is known as Mario Kart Wii. There is nothing more in the world – at most times of the day and night that I would rather be doing (and this is absolutely no slight to anyone/dog on the planet) than playing Mario Kart. So imagine my surprise when I nervously started playing this iteration (after a flawed version – in my humble opinion – that was the hand held Mario Kart Super Circuit for the DS) – and really really enjoyed it – a bunch.

I even made a little bird drive around for a couple of races -as luck would have it – for the first day – we had two wheels with which to play – and so – there we sat side by side driving our little karts around. I was soundly beaten a few times by said bird. I didn’t even mind – since I was enjoying it all so much.

I have now switched over to the nunchuck and wii mote combo. I enjoy the new level of control that they give me as I merrily drive from cup to cup – in search of the perfect gold star – to see what will be unlocked – all the while carrying a green shell on the back of my kart for protection from the never-do-wells trailing far behind me.

The next step will be to figure out how to get into a chat room on my X-Box and then set up some serious racing action with my friends afar . . . one of the only hopes that I have for having a decent old old age is that it is made abundantly clear that wherever I end up – I am able to get online and play games like this with all of my pals.

That – and really getting to the bottom of harnessing the inner macaroni artist that I have been holding down for far too long.

How about them goals?

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