This happened a while ago.


Here is an illustration of how a week that starts to go downhill can quickly pick up speed as it rolls rolls rolls down down down – to the point where you have to address the situation(s) that is(are) happening as being oddly humorous – if even just because you can’t really believe that the world is serious about what is going on. . .

This specific series of events started when I burst out of my house fretting about being on the cusp of “about to be” being (and being and being) late to a meeting that had taken me months to arrange. Immediately I was stuck by the distinct brokenness of the windshield of my car – which was a state that it hadn’t been in when I had gone to sleep the night before.

I yelped a little curse and sped towards getting severely lost for my meeting somewhere in the wilds near the Alabama border – when I go the bright idea to call up my lizard endorsed insurance company to ask what I should do about the ever (ever) growing crack on the big piece of glass in front of me. Their first suggestion was to pay the $500 (five-hundred dollar) deductible – which didn’t sound very fun to me. The next was to contact the glass company directly and see what they said.

Well – I got in touch with the glass company – where I got stuck knee deep in an odd conversation about poetry and the cosmic nature of cosmic things that are cosmological in nature. All the while, I was getting more and more crazy twisted lost and later and later to my meeting. It was a strange time to be driving around – but I scheduled the windshield to get repaired the next day – in my driveway – for only $200 (two-hundred dollar bills) and all seemed better in the world. I even (eventually) got to my meeting.

The next day rolled around and the nice guy came and fixed my windshield (in my driveway) – it was great – the world was great. The world continued it’s upswing when I found a super cheap new XM Satellite Radio for the car. I tend to drive as much as a trucker up and down the east coast (or the E.C. as we call it in the driving trade – because abbreviations are quicker to say) – and the XM has become my favorite crutch to lean on as I drive. So I bought the new unit and properly installed all of the wires running along the (new) windshield and the antenna coming out of the trunk and everything. Things were really on the up and up and up and up – I’d say.

We are officially at the middle (the high point) of the movie (the bad movie) where everything starts to zip downward style.

Now (and we are still in day number two here – the same day that the windshield was installed and the XM was bought/installed) I had another meeting in the afternoon. So I got into my awesome car and went went went to it. But not – of course – before I had to go to the tire place around the corner to get the sadly flattened tire happily unflattened. On the way home was where the next batch fun happened (it was becoming an all I could eat buffet of fun). It started raining – the kind of crazy rain where you can barely drive – and so I did what you are kind of supposed to do . . . I turned on the wipers. Nothing happened. On the highway – in the pouring rain – into the “emergency lane” I went. Out of the car – fiddle-faddle with the wiper – and then POP! The windshield cracked again . . . the wipers were too tight – or the glass was too lame – or something.

Luckily – the company came out the next day to repair the (put in a new) windshield. Everything seemed to be looking up . . . Until I got into the car later – to find that the newly installed antennae wire had been cut during the windshield re-installation process . . . the windshield and the tire were doing well . . . the XM was dead . . . my head started hurting.

I took the XM back (sneakily putting my old – also broken – but not in any detectable way – antennae into the box) – to get a different one. Evidently – I got the last one. There were no replacements.

It had been three days of 2 (two) broken windshields, a flat tire and a bought/installed/broken/returned radio thingy. It all made me sleepy, so I went home and took a nap. That usually makes the world a slightly better place.

Slightly . . .

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  1. will
    will says:

    Wow, what a string of bad luck. Did the meetings go well, at least?

    The Cold Spring resident popped on Monday. Everyone is doing well.

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