The song (that) is stuck in my head.

So – here is a song that is quite catchy. It is by a band named “Peter Bjorn and John” and it is called “Young Folks.” I hear it in my head all (okay – some) of the time . . . especially the whistling part. That is all that I am going to say about it . . . mostly because I am nervous to see if this little Flash mp3 player is going to work . . . keep your whistlers crossed.

As a tiny extra side note – you guys seriously need to work on crossing your whistlers . . . I had a serious meltdown trying to figure out the XML and the configuration of the SWF to make that there player work . . . but take a deep breath and a wave of thanks in the direction of Mister Clunky Robot . . . because he saved the day.

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  1. bumpercar
    bumpercar says:

    I know – dude . . . but here is the thing – I’ve figured out the way to not want to hear a song . . . just futz around with a crummy flash player for a few hours – hearing the first 10 (ten) seconds of the song over and over and over – and ta-da – no need to hear the song anymore.

    Now I need something new to listen to . . .

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