The song in my head –

A couple of nights ago – me and my only were hanging out watching some new (for me) iteration of mtv that was playing every single Kanye West video ever (except of course for the best one – which). It was quite a treat and we danced around in our little chairs like we knew that people weren’t watching.

There were two songs – in particular that were great – and we somehow heard both of them twice – so consider me quite the knowledgeable young expert.

The first song was “Hip-Hop Saved My Life” by Lupe Fiasco off of his album “The Cool” – I am really a fan of how sparse the song is and the use of the phrase “somethin’ – somethin’ – somethin’ . . .”

The second – most dance around in our seats song of the night – and the song that is currently coming and going in my head is “American Boy” by West London born Estelle off of her album “Shine.” I read on her wiki that Estelle’s real name is Fanta . . . it makes me really question the validity of the information that lurks on wikipedia – sometimes

Alright – done being a dork for today.

  1. owlet
    owlet says:

    I indeed was dancing around in my chair but you sound a little like Estelle’s agent. Is there something you are not telling me??