The Dentist Again?!

Oh boy – Horatio . . .

Did you know that I went to the dentist a couple of weeks ago – and I was crowing because it was only a seven minute walk from the newest hide-out – and I was giddy because this dentist was all like checking the alignment of my jaw and measuring my gums with a tiny ruler type of thing and stuff – and is the second dentist in a row to say the words “perfect teeth” while scratching around my mouth??

Did you know any of that – or did I forget to tell you? Because as far as I can tell – it is all true.

The only hitch is that I get (have) to go back – in five measly hours – because evidently – even though my pearly whites are pearly perfect . . . my wild and sugary childhood has set me up for a bit of digging – tooth digging that is.

You see – I have a couple of fillings from back in the day – when I drank Coke from a baby bottle (what – I’m from middle Georgia – I got off pretty easy with the baby-cola thing . . .) – and those fillings are failures that have got to go. One is just going to be another filling (how totally boring is that??) – while the other – and make sure that you are sitting down when I tell you this . . . is going to get a crown . . .

A solid gold (maybe) crown!

I am super-pretty-moderately excited to get a little flash in my molars – and seriously can’t wait until I get to go to the club (that I always go to) and show it off.

You just can’t buy that kind of street cred . . . but I guess I just did!!

(I will update you during my rehab time – because I am sure that this will put me down for several days . . .)

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  1. mary k
    mary k says:

    yes, we all remember your perfect teeth!

    and your dentist telling you to knot your floss, if i’m not mistaken.

    i’ve recently had a root canal, which gets a crown, but…and you may be joking about the gold thing…mine’s tooth-colored. nobody axed me if i wanted gold. or even gold plating!

    i also have back-in-the-day fillings that have to go. welcome to the beginning of older age. if i’d gone in sooner about that one tooth’s filling, coul’ve avoided the root canal. even WITHOUT perfect teeth. ….

    and i could have a hefty sum in my pocket still, as no tengo insurance de chiclets.

  2. bumpercar
    bumpercar says:

    Ooh – I was nearly in the same exact boat as you . . . evidently – there were “multiple cavities” in the tooth that is getting crowned – and he said that I was definitely headed towards a root canal – which sounds none too fun – to me . . . none at all.

    I had the choice of tooth color or gold – and went with gold – because – and get ready for this shock . . . it is actually cheaper – how odd is that?!

    Hooray dentist for trying to save me some duckets

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