Doodle Poodle and Voice Man are in studio to record an episode of the ‘Poodle Podcast’ … Too bad they didn’t schedule the time. There is a kerfuffle!

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Comedian, Natty Bumpercar talks about some junk with Robot and Pig, and some other junk in today’s edition of the Bumperpodcast.

Holy cow! What a treat … Today – Doodle Poodle stops by the Bumperpodcast to make some potentially awesome drawings.

Oh – and hey! It looks like Voice Man came along for the trip as well – how about that?!

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To get to where you are going!!!

(See you January 4 – with a new Snowflake!)


Ladies and Gentlemen and Gentlemen and Ladies.

Look! In the middle of the busiest of times – here it is. A new cartoon!


Needing a new camera . . . I stumble upon a much worse idea . . . A traveling portrait artist . . . Poodle.

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