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Howdy all.

This is a quick follow-up to the mountain of stress that was last night. It will hopefully put your minds at ease – and make you feel a touch better about where things were left off in my last little report.

dotorAs I think I put at the end of my last note – the baby is back to being a baby who loves to breathe. I sat up with him until this morning – and then there was a shift change – and the next crew came in to make sure that the situation was going smoothly.We then all went to the doctor’s office – where we were met with randomly oscillating waves of “the baby is fine” and “you should have taken him to the emergency room immediately.” That was perfect  – just what our brains needed – confusion, guilt and more stress!

horseLastly – we went to a children’s hospital (which I tried to amuse myself by calling a ‘horse-pi-tal’ – cough – yep!) – and saw a gastroenterologist who was tremendously nice – and answered all of our questions (with none of the guilt!) and checked J-em from head to toe. She determined that he was a “thriving baby” – which is a great way to describe a baby – and that  as healthy as he was – that it was just a random freak occurrence  that possibly some mucus had gotten stuck in his throat – and that while we should – obviously – keep an eye on him . . . Basically – he didn’t break – he was no worse for the wear – we had done good by him – and the world was a decent place to be.

It was a good way to wrap up the day. The long – long day. At the end . . . the baby was fine – we were exhausted – and now all we have to do is figure out how to get some sleep – with all of the miserable of last night floating around. All in all – a definite win for the home team!

winI got asked why I wrote about the whole thing . . . Why would I put it out there . . . What was the point? Pretty simple – actually – I didn’t want to have it all jumbling up in my head – and it makes me feel better to write stuff down – or draw silly pictures – or make cartoons – or – or – or whatever. So – that is what I did – and I’m totally totally glad that I did. Did. Did. Did.

Thanks a bunch for all of your well wishes . . .

Everybody – remember to keep breathing.



We are making a huge and conserted effort this weekend to do a lot of knocking around in the backend of the Bumperblog – in order to make all kinds of things better . . . for everyone.

Trying to make it smoother, faster and overall better . . .

Bear with us.


Well – well – well . . . today is supposed to be a cat and mouse story kind of day – or at least that is what I dreamed – but now my noggin’ has gone screwy and skipped past the cat part of the equation.

So – I suppose that we will just do the unnatural and start with the mouse – even though no one ever starts with the mouse . . .

There I was. In a building – an office – an office building – walking towards the copy machine – my brain sponging over from hours and hours of hard work (mostly) – when – out of the blue – there was a grey streak – a furry grey shot in the dark. There was a mouse – and for a split second – it was on my foot.

My unfortunate reaction was that of a high pitched young girl – and it carried all the way to the department next to us – where I was deservedly mocked.

My only reaction – the only move that was left to me – was to jump on the pile. So I called out “But you guys don’t understand . . . that thing ran so fast – and so close to me that my skirt actually blew up . . .” At which point – in giving myself a good natured ribbing – I had paid my societal dues – and everyone moved on.

Everyone except me – that is. Now I am totally obsessed at finding the little guy . . . life in an office can get rough – sometimes – and I need all of the pals that I can get.

Thus ends the mouse section of our day – in theory – there will be a cat section to follow at a later time.

The train can be a rough – rough place – sometimes. By rough – I am looking straight at you Mister “Carry-on-business-after-hours-on-the-train”, or the pack of giggling/chortling/screaming “We-just-stopped-to-have-a-couple-of-drinks-after-work-seriously-just-a-couple”, or possibly all of the “Our-team-won-let’s-yell-because-our-team-won-and-because-our-team-is
-the-best-at- winning-because-they-won”, teenage mob – okay – well you just frighten me – and I beg that you never direct your teenage-mob-power in my direction and most importantly – and most infuriating – the people with the walkie-talkie (gleeck-gleeck) phones who insist on having the following conversation – over and over:

** gleeck-gleeck **
** gleeck-gleeck **
Where (garble garble) at?
** gleeck-gleeck **
The train . . . On the train . . .
** gleeck-gleeck **
(garble garble) doing?
** gleeck-gleeck **
Just on the train . . .
** gleeck-gleeck **
(garble garble garble)
** gleeck-gleeck **
What? Hello . . . Hello . . . Hello??? This thing (is) busted . . .

And then they put the phone away – only to relive the exciting conversation – sometimes multiple times during their ride. It is a thrilling thing to be part of – seemingly every time that I hop on a train . . .

Oh – and screaming baby . . . I just plain out feel bad for you – screaming baby – I would scream too – if I was on the train (as a baby) this late in the night . . .

Anyway – those are just some of the fun people that dig under my skin – and hop onto my last nerve during my long sojourns into and out of the city . . . and it was all starting to drive me batty . . . and then I saw the answer. People were wearing earplugs.

The next day – I went to the store – and the world is a totally different place. The sounds are still there (I am guessing) – but to me – they are just whispers in the night . . . gleeck-gleeck’s that will never touch my tender little ears.

So – now – thoroughly ensconced in my auditory cocoon . . . I ride the train – reading my books and drawing my pictures with a smile . . . becoming more and more cut off and isolated from the world around me as each day passes me by.

A good thing? Probably not – but at least it’ll hold me over – until I can get an iPhone – and completely cut the rest of the world out . . . let’s have a party then – okay?!

I had waited 2 (two) years to make the particularly big purchase of an xbox 360 – but this weekend – after squirreled away birthday money, price drops and the anticipation of a game that I inexplicably seem to enjoy playing . . . I broke down and bought the heaviest little box that I had ever beheld.

Even though I had bought a Nintendo Wii 10 (ten) months ago – I had totally forgotten how exciting and ridiculously fun that the ceremony behind opening the box, pulling out all of the pieces from their own separate baggies, plugging everything into the proper port and then the biggest rush of them all (for me) turning the television on and having your new toy go through it’s little intro animation.

I didn’t even have any games to play (that would come about 34 (thirty four) hours later) and it eventually took about an hour and a half and a call to Microsoft to get everything up and running . . . but for the most part it was smooth sailing. One nice surprise – when I turned it on – was that there were (something like) 14 (fourteen) little demo games for me to futz around with . . . it was like my new toy was already giving back to the community – and the community was pleased.

The saddest part has been looking over my shoulder – every so often – and seeing my old original xbox slumped into the corner – a game still in it’s tray- wondering when (if) it will ever get called back into action.

So – now – even though I haven’t seemed to uncover any additional hours in the day – I am the proud parent of a new game system – purchased (some would say) largely in the hope (a hope that Nintendo seems to be mostly ignoring) that I will get to play with people (friend or random) who will blow me up and yell horrible things at me until I can’t take anymore – and I wait a second to start a new game while unplugging the headset and placing it gingerly on the floor.

Hooray for new toys.