Where was Bumpercar last week? He was deep down in a dirty sickly hole where he was left after being beaten up by the flu and bronchitis …

And – he missed you very much.

Have you ever been beaten up by a cold? Let us know by sending an email to – and then we can high-five!!

Tomorrow … Natty Bumpercar is going to go into the hospital to visit a mouse photographer – who will then walk down his throat and take some photos …

This is just a bit of bumpercar burning off some of that pre-hospital nervous energy with a bit of bibble-babble.

Have you ever had a mouse in your throat taking photogrphs? Let us know by sending an email to – and then – we will bond.

Best pals!

Bumpercar woke up all excited about getting to talk to you and then he tells a story about how had to go see the doctor about his throat – and – you get to hear all about it.

Listen to the Bumperpodcast and you will find out what happened when he went to the doctor.

Pins and needled. Pins and needles!

Natty Bumpercar returns to Headquarters with the icky-nasty-yucky plague – but – he has missed the Bumperpodcast studios so much – that he decides to give you a little bit of the talky-talk.

Mostly – he just takes his throat to task for not doing what it’s supposed to do – which is evidently just to sit there and be a pipe. There are firings that are threatened.

Listen to the Bumperpodcast to see if there is a job opening for a throat …